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Chronic digestive disorders, overweight or obesity, chronic joint pain, inflammatory conditions, mood disorders or sleep disorders, metabolic syndrome... and if one of these pathologies was partly of food origin? 

Do you want to preserve your health capital in a natural way? 

Modern, refined and transformed food has lost its richness in micronutrients and it is sometimes necessary to consider a nutritional rebalancing according to the Cretan model, with possible supplementation with suitable food supplements. This is what the care of a Micronutrition expert offers you.

It may therefore be useful to consult a  Professional  of Health, Doctor of Pharmacy  and graduated  in Micronutrition and Psychonutrition.

As part of a consultation for weight management, I will not advise you on any restrictive diet likely to cause eating disorders (ED).

Indeed, a restrictive diet, which is certainly effective in the short term since it reduces daily calorie intake, will not work in the long term and presents risks for your health. The 2012 NutriNet – Santé study shows that diets are ineffective and cause frustration.

A food rebalancing, possibly associated with a psycho-nutritional support will be more favorable to health and more durable.

May your food be your first medicine

"That your food

be your first medicine"



Dr Nathalie Viala, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

University of Auvergne 1989

Micronutrition & Psychonutrition

University Diploma in Nutrition and Micronutrition Consulting

University of Burgundy 2017- 2018

University Diploma Psychology and Pedagogy of Eating Behavior

University of Burgundy 2018-2019

Mindfulness Meditation Training 2019

(MBSR program - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

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Ambassador of  the Blue-White-Heart Association  and member of its  community

Member of  SiiN

Member of the European Institute of Micronutrition ( IEDM )  







Micronutrition consists of satisfying the micronutrient needs of the individual, through a diversified diet, combined if necessary with personalized supplementation. It is based on research carried out on the proven links between diet, health and prevention.


A lasting dietary change must be accompanied by a psychological change so that the individual does not relapse. The psychonutritionist will therefore work with his patient on listening to his  food sensations, on his  body image  emotions, the  compensation phenomena  and his  motivation.


The psychonutritionist will work with his patient on listening to his  food sensations, on his  body image  emotions, the  compensation phenomena  and his  motivation.



The Health & Nutrition area is equipped with a device  multifrequency impedancemetry, the  BIODY  XPERT ZMII .

He  allows access in a few seconds to all the body data that make up the person's weight (water, lipids, minerals, proteins).

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